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01/ Best Price | 最優惠價格

我們以全港最優惠及透明的價錢,向我們的客戶提供高質量的原廠輪圈及輪胎產品。100%原廠正貨 We provide our customers with high-quality original wheel and tire products at the most favorable and transparent prices in Hong Kong. All the listed items were manufactured by the OEM vehicle manufacturer.

02/ Free Shipping | 免費送貨

我們提供免費的國內送貨。 請聯繫我們進行國際運輸。 所有物品將在24小時(星期一至星期五)內發貨。 在星期五清除/接收的付款將在下一個工作日發送。We offer free domestic shipping. Please contact us for international shipping. All items will ship within 24 Hours (Monday - Friday). Payment cleared/received on Friday will be sent on the next business days.

03/ Payment | 付款

我們接受主要的信用卡和PayPal作為客戶的付款方式。 選擇要購買的物品後,我們將引導您順利完成結帳過程。 We accept major Credit card and PayPal as our customers’ payment method. After selecting the items you want to purchase, we will guide you smoothly through the check-out process.